The Football Legends Club of the Czech Republic

The Football Legends Club of the Czech Republic was officialy found in 1985.

From the beginning the team has played about more then 450 games and indoor tournaments here and abroad, including 6 official international matches:
•  In 1987 against East Germany (GDR) in Berlin (16.000 visitors)
•  In 1988 against East Germany (GDR) in Roudnice nad Labem (4.500 visitors)
•  In 1994 against Germany in Fürth (4.500 visitors in the hall)
•  In 1995 against Germany in Plzen (6.000 visitors)
•  In 1996 against Slovakia in Drnovice (6.500 visitors)
•  In 2001 against Wales in Prague (1.000 visitors)
•  2003 tournament in Berlin - beach football against Brazil, England, Poland and Luxembourg - 5000 visitors
•  2004 against Slovakia in Brezová pod Bradlom - 3000 visitors
•  2004 against Hungary in Levice - 2000 visitors
•  2004 against Slovakia in Dudince - 3500 visitors
•  2008 against Kazakhstan in Almata - 6500 visitors
•  2009 against two teams in Cyprus - 2000 visitors
•  2010 indoor tournament in Minden / Germany in January - 2500 visitors
•  2010 we won the tournament in Antibes / France in May - 3000 visitors
•  2011 the traditional indoor tournament in Hildesheim / Germany in January - 2000 visitors 
•  2011 the indoor tournament in Humenne / Slovakia in December - 1500 visitors 

The average of visitors per match (except the international games) is about 1,000. That means more then a half million fans have seen our players at the stadiums and other more million have seen them on TV. The team plays every year cca 35 matches and there is no possibility to play more, even the interest is bigger.

There is a plenty of excellent czech (and –slovak) football stars of many generations. They were making our football history, e.g.:

World Championship in Chile, 1962 (2nd place):
Josef Jelínek

Olympic Games in Tokyo, 1964 (2nd place):
Jan Geleta, Frantisek Knebort

European Championship in Yugoslavia, 1976 (1st place):
Karol Dobias, Frantisek Vesely, Dusan Herda, Zdenek Nehoda, Antonin Panenka, Frantisek Stambacher

European Championship in Italy, 1980 (3rd place):
Jan Fiala, Jan Berger, Ladislav Vizek, Zdenek Nehoda, Antonin Panenka, Frantisek Stambacher, Jan Netolicka

Olympic Games in Moscow, 1980 (1st place):
Werner Licka, Jan Berger, Ladislav Vizek, Libor Radimec, Oldrich Rott, Frantisek Stambacher, Jan Netolicka

European Championship in England, 1996 (2nd place):
Radek Drulak, Lubos Kubik, Vaclav Nemecek, Miroslav Kadlec

And these following players have taken part in the final tournaments:
World Championship in Spain, 1982:
Zdenek Hruska, Frantisek Jakubec, Tomas Kriz

World Championship in Italy, 1990:
Frantisek Straka, Michal Bilek, Ivan Hasek, Jozef Chovanec, Ivo Knoflicek, Jan Stejskal, Julius Bielik
Players who have finished their professional career come to play for The Football Legends´ Club of the Czech Republic, the younger footballers are e.g. Vaclav Danek, Alois Grussmann, Lumir Mistr, Karel Kula, Petr Vrabec, Jaroslav Silhavy, Dusan Vrto,Gunther BittengelHorst Siegl, Roman Kukleta, Ivo Ulich, Roman Vonasek, Tomas Votava, Jiri Novotny, Robert Kafka.
There is about 80 excellent ex-representatives in our Club.

Fans love games when the team is mixed with football and business stars (actors, TV moderators, journalists, singers, politicians etc.). The Club organizes every year their own gala show (with a big attention of the press) like Superbowl, Christmas Cup etc.

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