In 2010 the team took part in 31 football and social events where appeared ca 18.000 visitors. The average of visitors was 640 per match.
We won 26x and we draw 3x, the score was 155:63.
Average of goals per match: 7,5
Average of goals we shot per match: 5,3
Total amount of goals: 218

During the year 2010 in the team appeared 46 great ex-internationals. The line-up by number of played minutes: Steiner, Bažant, Berger, Štambacher,  Mlejnek, Ondra, Mičinec, Kabyl, Veselý, Příložný, Samek, Prokeš, Karel Rada, Šilhavý, Jiří Němec, Vonášek, Fiala. First starts in the team: Tomáš Votava, Jiří Novotný, Roman Sedláček.
We played 2x in Prague, 5x in central Bohemia, 6x in nothern Bohemia, 3x in western Bohemia, 2x in southern Moravia, 3x in eastern Bohemia, 1x in central Moravia, 5x in southern Bohemia, 2x in Cyprus and 1x in Germany.
We took part in some important events.
In February our team was the first who joined the event of the Leage against cancer. Our players exemplary went through the control screenings of their large intestine and rectum. Our stars Vesely, Fiala, Mlejnek, Knebort and Prilozny made shots which were later projected on the Czech football stadiums and TV transmissions to bring the fans to the doctors in time.
In June we co-organized the tournament of the Mayor of Stara Paka City Cup mite teams. At the end of the tournament we played an exhibition match against the ex-Stara Paka players.
In July we enjoyed the celebrations of 100 years of football in Ceska Skalice. We played and won with the home team. 1.000 visitors applauded to both teams.
In September our team travelled to Cyprus and played two matches in a week. In Nicosia, the ambassador of the Czech Republic in Cyprus, Jan Bondy, made the honorary kick-off.
In October 28 Frantisek Vesely played his last match in his life in Bilina. After the next day he died. He played 436 goals in our team and he scored 161 times. Frantisek was the captain of our team. We will miss you, Franto!!!

We published and distributed about 5.000 posters and 7.000 postcards of our team around the Czech Republic. Before some of our matches our players were presented at the press conferences. The team is positively feeled by the public. We play in the UMBRO equipment dedicated by UNISPORT company.

The most effective players in 2009

29 Bažant Aleš            
28 Mlejnek Miroslav        
27 Štambacher František     
24 Ondra Jiří            
24 Veselý František
23 Příložný Miroslav        
23 Steiner Pavel            
21 Prokeš Zdeněk            
21 Samek Václav                
17 Mičinec Tibor                        
16 Kabyl Jiří            
11 Berger Jan                    
11 Šilhavý Jaroslav        
9 Rada Karel            
9 Rada Petr                 
7 Fiala Jan                    
6 Němec Jiří                
6 Vonášek Roman        
5 Čabala Ivan                
4 Ulich Ivo                
3 Hruška Vladimír        
3 Votava Tomáš                
3 Šimurka Juraj            
3 Siegl Horst            
3 Červený Pavel        
2 Svoboda Zdeněk                
2 Kadlec Miroslav            
2 Jeslínek Jiří            
2 Fiala Jiří            
2 Denk Miloslav        
2 Koukal Zdeněk        
2 Frydrych Josef            
1 Novotný Jiří            
1 Bittengel Günter                
1 Vrabec Petr                         
1 Bečka Zdeněk                 
1 Knoflíček Ivo                 
1 Vácha  Karel            
1 Bičovský Přemysl        
1 Dostál Stanislav        
1 Ondrůšek František        
1 Mucha Josef            
1 Sedláček Roman        
1 Fiala Jaroslav            
1 Knebort František        
1 Čaloun Josef            
1 Bobok Jiří as guest            
1 Hora Jiří as guest            
1 Vrabec Oldřich as guest        
1 Prokopec Slavoj as guest

Chart of shooters 2009

39 Příložný Miroslav         
28 Mičinec Tibor        
24 Ondra Jiří            
12 Kabyl Jiří            
10 Vonášek Roman        
6 Fiala Jan            
6 Šilhavý Jaroslav        
3 Siegl Horst            
3 Ulich Ivo            
2 Bažant Aleš                                            
2 Veselý František    
2 Vácha Karel        
2 Denk Miloslav         
2 Rada Karel            
2 Svoboda Zdeněk        
2 Fiala Jiří            
1 Berger Jan            
1 Prokeš Zdeněk        
1 Čabala  Ivan        
1 Mlejnek Miroslav         
1 Samek Václav        
1 Mucha Josef        
1 Prokopec Slavoj as guest
1 Bobok Jiří as guest
1 Hora Jiří as guest
1 Vrabec Oldřich as guest    

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