In 2010 our team took part in 27 football events where 26.800 visitors appeared which means 992 per match.
We won 23x and we draw twice and the score was 155:66.
The average of goals per match is 8,2 and the average of goals we shot per matches 5,75. The total amount of goals: 221.

During the year 2008 in the team appeared 51 great ex-internationals. The line-up by number of played minutes: Steiner, Bažant, Berger, Štambacher, Mlejnek, Ondra, Mičinec, Kabyl, Veselý, Příložný, Samek, Prokeš, Karel Rada, Drulák, Jiří Němec, Vladimír Hruška. For the first time in our team appeared: Zdeněk Svoboda, Ivo Ulich, Karel Vácha a Radek Bejbl.

We played once in Prague, twice in central Bohemia, 3x in north Bohemia, 5x in west Bohemia, twice in east Bohemia, 6x in south Moravia, 4x in north Moravia, twice in south Bohemia and twice in Kazakhstan.

We took part in some important events.
May – Together with SK Trans Company and the Czech Football Federation we organized the Czech Republic mite teams’ championship where our team played the exhibition match against the ex-Holesov footballers.
This connection of the youngest and the oldest football representatives was awarded by UEFA as the best veteran event in 2008.
August – As the ceremonial finale our team played the exhibition with the ex-Vysocina Jihlava players in front of 2300 visitors.
September – Kazakhstan – We played two matches in Alma-Ata where 11.000 visitors appeared. During the first match the chairman of the Czech Parliament, Premysl Sobotka, made the honorary kick-off.
October – 60 years of Dukla Praha celebration. Both teams contained of 25 great and famous internationals, some of them only at the tribune, e.g. Masopust, Knebort, Geleta, Vacenovský, Čadek, Viktor, Macela or Brumovský.
November – In a crowded hall in Cheb we played against the ex-RH Cheb players at the occasion of our team mate Zdenek Koubek 60th birthday. More than 900 excited visitors applauded to beautiful football actions of both teams.

We published and distributed about 6.000 posters and 8.000 postcards of our team around the Czech Republic. Before some of our matches our players were presented at the press conferences. The team is positively felled by the public. We play in the UMBRO equipment dedicated by UNISPORT Company.

The most effective players in 2008 / goals

26 Štambacher František     
26 Mlejnek Miroslav        
25 Bažant Aleš            
25 Ondra Jiří            
24 Příložný Miroslav          
23 Samek Václav        
20 Veselý František        
16 Prokeš Zdeněk        
16 Steiner Pavel        
13 Vesely Frantisek jr.            
12 Drulák Radek         
10 Dostál Stanislav         
10 Kabyl Jiří                
9 Hruška Vladimír             
8 Mičinec Tibor        
6 Rada Karel                             
5 Němec Jiří            
4 Berger Jan            
4 Rada Petr             
4 Kadlec Miroslav        
4 Šimurka Juraj        
3 ČabalaIvan        
3 Hruška Zdeněk        
3 Levý Stanislav        
2 Bittengel Günter        
2 Kukleta Roman        
2 Kafka Róbert        
2 Vrabec Petr            
2 Bečka Zdeněk        
2 Němeček Václav        
2 Fiala Jan            
2 Ulich Ivo            
1 Jurkanin Josef                     
1 Knoflíček Ivo        
1 Černý Pavel        
1 Svoboda Zdeněk        
1 Denk Miloslav        
1 Brabec Ladislav        
1 Přikryl Luboš        
1 Jarolím Karel        
1 Frýdek Martin        
1 Vrťo Dušan        
2 Daněk Václav        
1 Grussmann Alois    
1 Frydrych Josef        
1 Vácha Karel        
1 Jeslínek Jiří        
1 Bejbl Radek
1 Horňák Michal        
1 Vrabec Oldřich        
1 Herda Peter        

The Chart of shooters in 2008 / matches

43 Příložný Miroslav         
29 Drulák Radek        
16 Ondra Jiří            
9 Veselý Fr. jr.        
6 Hruška Vlad.        
6 Kabyl Jiří            
6 Mičinec Tibor        
5 Veselý František        
3 Bažant Aleš            
3 Čabala Ivan        
3 Černý Pavel        
2 Fiala Jan            
2 Herda Peter        
2 Kukleta Roman                 
2 Kafka Róbert        
2 Mlejnek Miroslav         
2 Grussmann Alois        
2 Vácha Karel        
2 Ulich Ivo            
1 Berger Jan            
1 Štambacher František    
1 Bittengel Günter        
1 Kadlec Miroslav        
1 Dostál Stanislav        
1 Daněk Václav        
1 Svoboda Zdeněk        
1 Rada Petr    

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